Accounting Project Manager Employment Profile

Getting an employment in the post of accounting project manager is not really a very difficult task provided you have the right information at hand. The task of an accounting project manager is to handle the accounts and auditing of the project that has been assigned to him.A project manager in accounting his project’s financial statement cannot go wrong. He needs to be careful in discharging the duties of a Chief Financial Officer or a CFO.A project manager needs to work out the employee compensation, various benefits and perks and the employee related expenses a company is likely to incur in a financial year. It is from these calculations that he will also need to figure out a way to make the company run on profit.If this employment profile has begun to interest you, then you must read on to know more about this jobEducational RequirementTo apply for this post you definitely need to have studied accounting in your bachelor’s degree. A similar degree in financing or any other related discipline will do. However, your chances of cracking the interview and getting selected remain high only if you have had accounting as your graduation subject.CertificationsGetting a certification is always a grand idea. It is most definitely going to help you in bagging the best accounting project manager job. Know this much that one who has applied for the employment opening with a Certified Public Accountant or CPA certification is always one step ahead of the person who is not in possession of any such certificate. More over added work experience too can help you to bag the deal.SkillsYou not only need significant experience in accounting, you most definitely need experience in other areas of life as well. This includes human resources, equity and compensation accounting. This will help you in your computations majorly. Apart from that leadership quality too is appreciated in this field. Armed with all these qualities, you most definitely cannot go wrong with your application.ResponsibilitiesNow for the main thing- the responsibilities which you need to shoulder. You need to be well versed with your responsibilities to know what you should expect out of this job. You are to be charged with ensuring that your company runs on gains and this is going to be your project.You are to take stock of your company’s employee salary, benefits that will be assigned to them, their retirement plans, pensions, salary increases, reimbursement of their insurance and the company’s revenues. From all these elements you need to formulate a plan rather a strategy that will help your company grow, develop and expand.SalaryAnd for all this hard work they will reward you by paying a hefty sum of money. Recruits in the post of accounting project manager on an average earn around $73, 000 per annum. Apart from this, most companies also pay you related perks such as provisioning for an office car etc.With these guidelines let your accounting project manager career take flight!

Forensic Accounting? Been Around A Long Time

As a career counselor, career guidance professional, staffing executive, and HR professional who has hired or placed 1,275+ individuals, a recent article has resulted in several unsolicited and very interesting responses.Two comments from an earlier article indicated another avenue for a person interested in an accounting career to follow is forensic accounting. The forensic authority has a slightly different role.The forensic expert has the same skills of accounting and auditing, but adds some intrigue by utilizing investigative abilities to work on projects like bankruptcy to major fraud to capital crimes. For example, many years ago a forensic specialist caught the gangster, Al Capone.As you can see, this practice has been around for years and uses an unlikely combination of an eye for detail, a solid background in accounting basics, and legal concepts. By the way, I don’t think I would have wanted to be the person that caught Big Al.Compensation is also stellar. After a few years of practice annual salaries reach into six figures. In the private sector, forensic accountants can easily earn $125K to $150K and beyond. All of the larger accounting firms, as well as many medium-sized firms, have specialist forensic accounting departments.So if you are considering accounting, or involved in accounting operations, are inquisitive by nature, can be questioned in the role of an expert witness, and have complete attention to accounting minutia, you should consider a specialized career.If you need assistance in determining your next step a path-to-success, seek a professional assistance for a reality check and get immediate career advice.